A predictive dialer is a computer program that automatically answers phone calls. It automatically identifies the number to which the call should be directed and then does so. This process reduces the number of missed calls, and can even cut down on the time it takes for customers to reach an agent. Because the program identifies the number to be called, it is easier for the customer to remember, as well.
Typically, a cloud based predictive dialer will have the following basic features. Autodialer - this feature will connect to automatically answer calls from certain selected numbers and automatically place the call. This eliminates the need for a live representative. Call forwarding - allows the customer to have several incoming calls forwarded to their specified extensions, and gives them options such as waiting to answer or leaving a message.

The predictive feature will identify the number of minutes it will be used so that it only uses the maximum number of minutes allowed. If more calls are to be placed, the dealer will automatically pick up another call and forward it to the appropriate extension. The call forwarding feature will also allow customers to answer the phone while they are doing something else, which greatly reduces the number of missed calls.
Depending on the type of predictive dialer you buy, you will also have access to various other features. For instance, some packages will allow the user to send out text alerts or email alerts. This can be particularly useful for businesses where there is a high customer turnover. They can notify their sales staff immediately if there has been a problem so that the problem can be dealt with before it gets out of control.

In addition, some packages will include integrated call forwarding and auto-attendant features. This is useful if there are multiple locations where a customer might have to make a call. For instance, a restaurant might have a customer who orders take-out food and wants his or her food delivered. If the restaurant's auto attendant system has an integrated feature for call forwarding, it would be very easy for the customer to be able to dial into the auto-attendant number and have the food brought to them. In this case, the predictive dialer would not even have to be used. Predictive & auto dialer systems can dramatically cut the amount of time that an agent has to spend dialing the phone numbers of potential customers. Because of this, agents can spend more of their time talking to prospective customers and less time doing the traditional job of calling random phone numbers. As a result, predictive & auto dialer technology makes it easier for agents to sell more products and services.

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